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Tow Truck Westlake LA

Tow Truck Service Westlake

When you need a tow truck in, you shouldn’t settle for less just because you’re in a difficult situation. Having the right equipment, training, and experience is essential when providing reliable, towing services. At Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing, we offer more than just the basics. Each of our tow truck drivers is trained, certified, and has the experience needed to handle a wide range of services. In addition to standard towing and roadside assistance, we also provide winch-outs, heavy-duty towing, accident recovery, and equipment transport. Because our towing company has such a large fleet of tow trucks, we are able to tow everything from motorcycles and low-profile vehicles to tractor-trailers and cement mixers. All of our drivers go through extensive training to understand the best methods of towing and transport for different vehicles and equipment. When you call Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing, you can rest assured that your property will be protected and safely handled.

My Car Was Towed What Now?

Before you have your vehicle towed by Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing, there are a few things you should do in preparation. Firstly, you should gather all the necessary legal information like your license, registration, and insurance. These documents will be reviewed and documented by our drivers to guarantee that you are the owner of the vehicle and confirm that we have your permission to tow the vehicle. Additionally, you should collect all your personal belongings that you might need. All too often, people have their vehicle towed and forget to grab their purse, backpack, laptop, or other essentials. Once your driver has arrived and secured your vehicle for transport, you need to decide where you would like them to tow your car. If you have a prefered auto body shop nearby, we are more than happy to take your vehicle there. If your auto body shop is closed or you aren’t sure where to take your vehicle, Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing has a large, secure storage facility where you can store your vehicle in the meantime. After your vehicle is towed, you may come to our office to retrieve your car and finalize payment.

Tow Truck Services

At Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing, we provide more than light, medium, and heavy-duty towing. Our large fleet of 17 trucks ensures we can handle any situation. Our team remains skilled and experienced by staying up-to-date and utilizing the advanced technology available in the towing industry. If you need something towed, transported, or recovered in Sulphur, Louisiana, give us a call!

Equipment Transport

Moving large equipment can be extremely challenging, but at Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing, we make it easy. Our 53-foot traveling axle trailer with hydraulic tilts and winch gives us extreme versatility with the equipment that we can lift and load. This high-tech equipment allows us to load vehicles and equipment without the need for a ramp.

Our team of trained technicians can load and transport the following:

  • Buses
  • Construction Equipment
  • Generators
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Forklifts
  • And More

We are proud to offer our equipment transport services to the residents of Sulphur. Our large fleet is capable of handling just about any project, even hauling oversized loads to specified locations. Our customers can always rely on us to provide reliable ETA’s regarding our pick-up and delivery times. And all of our technicians are trained and experienced to ensure your equipment is properly loaded, secured, and unloaded without damage.

Vehicle Recovery

Our team of technicians has the experience and skills to handle all sorts of vehicle and equipment recovery situations. From winching vehicles out of ditches to getting an overturned tractor-trailer back on its wheels, we do it all. Our recovery services are especially useful after accidents when vehicles are severely damaged or end up in places that are inaccessible to other types of tow trucks. We get the job done from start to finish, including recovery and accident scene clean up. Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing also assists local and state police during more complex situations like underwater recovery. With a team of certified divers on staff, we can safely and effectively recover vehicles and remove them from the area. Our heavy-duty recovery units include a state-of-the-art 50-ton sliding rotator designed to lift and rotate loads providing quick highway clearance and minimal lane closure to keep traffic moving.

Local Tow Company

Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing has been a family-owned and operated towing company located in Westlake, LA, since 1998. From day one, we have dedicated ourselves to value our customer’s needs above all else. Our goal is to provide honest, reliable, and effective towing, recovery, and transport to Southwest Louisiana. We are available 24/7, so you’re never left stranded. For all of your towing needs, trust the company with the most experience. Call Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing today!

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