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Towing Carlyss LA

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Having a towing company that you can always rely on is not something that many people think about until they actually need one. At Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing, we understand that needing to call a tow truck is rarely for a good reason and can be the result of numerous situations. Our team of experienced technicians is here to help when your vehicle has broken down, you’ve been involved in an accident, locked your keys in your car, or simply need roadside assistance. When you need a tow truck in Carlyss, LA, give us a call. With a fleet of 17 trucks, our team can provide light, medium, and heavy-duty towing, recovery, and transport.

Where Is The Nearest Towing Company?

At Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing, our tow truck drivers are very familiar with the areas in Southwest Louisiana. We provide 24/7 towing, recovery, transport, and roadside service along I-10 and I-210. Whether you’ve broken down in Jennings or got a flat tire in Moss Bluff, our team will be there to help you.

If you’re looking for the nearest tow truck in the following areas, give us a call!

  • Lake Charles
  • Sulphur
  • Calcasieu Parish
  • Moss Bluff
  • Jennings
  • Mossville
  • Carlyss
  • Westlake

Our goal is to provide residents of Carlyss and the surrounding areas with fast, reliable, and effective towing services. We have strong ties to the community and even work with local city and state police when needed. When you’re looking for a towing company that you can rely on, no matter the size of your vehicle or the situation you’re in, call Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing today!

Towing Services

Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing is Southwest Louisiana’s towing and recovery specialist. Our large fleet of tow trucks and experienced technicians are capable of handling any situation. While our company has progressed to utilizing the latest in towing equipment and technology and ensuring our drivers are trained and certified, we proudly remain dedicated to our core values that put our customers first and guarantee honest and reliable service.

Light-Duty Towing

Our smaller tow trucks cater specifically to your light-duty towing needs. We are equipped to tow all types of passenger cars and trucks, low-profile vehicles, and even high-end or luxury vehicles.

Medium-Duty Towing

If you have larger vehicles that need to be towed, we’ve got you covered. Our team provides medium-duty towing for service trucks, box trucks, work trucks, flatbed trucks, welding trucks, delivery vans, and more.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Our heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped to tow any size vehicle on the road, including loaded tractor-trailers, buses, motor coaches, fire trucks, oil workover rigs, concrete pumper trucks, cement mixers, motor homes, garbage trucks, and more!

Tow Truck Company

Having a reliable towing company that you can count on in any situation is essential. Residents in Carlyss, Louisiana, rely on Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing to quickly, efficiently and safely provide them with professional wrecker services. Since 1998, we have strived to provide the highest quality light, medium, and heavy-duty towing that our customers need, in addition to experienced recovery and transport services. We are a family-owned company with a fleet of 17 trucks capable of handling any job. Our technicians have a wide range of experience handling simple and complex situations. We do it all, from towing a broken down vehicle and providing roadside assistance to transporting heavy machinery and underwater recovery.

Common Towing Questions

Towing is the process of moving a vehicle or trailer from one location to another using a powered vehicle, such as a truck or SUV. Towing is necessary when a vehicle cannot be driven due to mechanical failure, accident damage, or any other reason.

There are several types of towing, including flatbed towing, dolly towing, and wheel-lift towing. Flatbed towing involves placing the entire vehicle on a flatbed truck. Dolly towing involves using a specialized trailer that lifts the front or rear wheels of the towed vehicle. Wheel-lift towing involves lifting the front or rear wheels of the vehicle using a hydraulic lift.

When choosing a towing company, it is important to look for a reputable and reliable company that has the appropriate equipment and experience to handle your specific towing needs. You can rely on us, we at Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing, have strived since 1998 to provide the highest quality light, medium, and heavy-duty towing that our customers need.

If your vehicle needs to be towed, the first step is to make sure that you and any passengers are in a safe location away from traffic. You can contact us and provide us with your location and a description of your vehicle. Be prepared to provide information about the type of vehicle, the location of the vehicle, and the reason for the tow.

The cost of towing can vary depending on several factors, including the distance to be towed, the type of vehicle, and the type of tow required.

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